I SEE YOU | Official International Trailer

26 เข้าชม
Being a nurse and seeing sick people pass away is very common but seeing ghosts…is totally unusual!

‘Pairin’ (Pat Chayanit) is a newbie nurse at Karunarak Hospital, who has a special ability that no one knows about. She can see spirits!

Pairin is afraid her co-workers will think she is crazy so she tries to keep her special ability a secret. But the harder she tries to be fit in, the more wary all her nurse mates get, so they all keep their distance. Only ‘New’ (Mild Wiraporn), a nurse working in the same ward, befriends Pairin.

At this hospital, Pairin meets ‘Chaba’ (Belle Kemisara), a young heart-stoppingly beautiful ghost who has haunted this hospital for a long time. Chaba often appears just to mess around with Pairin causing her a lot of anxiety.

Luckily, ‘Doctor Men’ (Tor Thanapob), a vibrant young intern doctor is always around to console and joke around with Pairin, cheering her up whenever she gets stressed out.

But when there is an incident that clues ‘M’ (Pae Arak), a doctor known to be very overbearing and chauvinistic, in on Pairin’s ability to communicate with spirits, Pairin must find creative ways to avoid Doctor M before he confirms his suspicions and discloses her secret.

Will Pairin’s secret be exposed? Just what kind of pranks will spirits play on Pairin? See for yourself in ‘I SEE YOU’!